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Can SEO increase website sales?

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

To answer this question we must first look at what SEO is and isn't.

What is SEO?

  • SEO is a LONG TERM strategy used to drive more people from search engines like Google onto your website. 

  • There are hundreds of factors that Google looks at when deciding where your website should appear in search results.

  • Top 'ranking factors' include the words on the website, how organised the website is, and links back from other (relevant) websites. 

Things that SEO isn't

  • SEO isn't a quick fix to get quick leads. If you need leads from Google quickly it would be better to look at Pay Per Click advertising (Google Adwords)

  • SEO isn't a complex 'techy magical thing' that's done once to your website. Once you have an understanding of what SEO is it's fairly simple to achieve high Google results for yourself (however all of the blog writing can be time consuming). 

Can SEO increase my website sales? Definitely. As long as your website is well organised, well designed and easy to navigate (if you have a crappy website no one is going to want to buy from you). People who arrive on your website after making a Google search want to buy your product or service otherwise they wouldn't have landed there. 

My experience My Design Doctor website has excellent SEO. I rank on the first page of Google for many highly competitive search phrases including 'web design durham' 'SEO durham' and 'website designer durham' plus many more phrases that people are likely to search for.

Does this increase my website sales?

Without a shadow of a doubt! Most of my sales come though Google search (I always ask people how they found me to which 9 times of time they say from Google). 

Has it been easy? 

I built my business website in 2015 so it's still fairly new, at first it was difficult to get my head around how SEO worked but now it's just a matter of putting the time into writing new content that appeals to my target audience. 

Can I help you to increase your website sales?

One hundred percent! Once you have a fully optimised website that is easy to read and navigate I we can talk about building an SEO package that suits you and your business.

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