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How I became a calmer more contented business owner - Rachel Hunter

Hi I'm Rachel and I have my own Holistic Therapy business called R&R Therapy in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. I offer reflexology (including: conception and maternity, and I teach baby reflexology) also reiki, Indian head massage, holistic facials, hand massage & EFT.

I’m a Sole Trader and have a small business employing me, myself & I. Sometimes I really wish I could split myself into three, maybe then I'd be able to complete the tasks I set myself a lot quicker than I actually do!

I’m busy with clients, plan marketing, do admin, network and many other business orientated tasks. I've always tried to master all aspects of my business myself, initially due to finances and the ‘OCD’ in me that likes the reins to myself.

However, with a bit of a blip last year affecting my health, I realised that I seriously had to change. I didn’t work for 9 weeks (plenty of time to reflect) and although initially there was a real, REAL sense of complete panic, I knew I had to change.

I realised I couldn’t possibly do everything! So the Wonder Woman knickers were packed away and I began to look at what could be outsourced to an expert in their field, somebody that could do things much quicker than me.

First on my ‘to do’ list was a new website and this is where Hannah Gibson of Design Doctor came in, with a lot and I mean a lot of patience Hannah created a website that I’m thrilled with, www.randrholistictherapy.co.uk

We can’t be good at everything (although we’d like to think we can). As a Holistic Therapist, I always speak to my clients about making time for themselves, having ‘Golden Moments’ (anything that involves caring for yourself) and I really, really needed to practice what I preach.

We do need to look after ourselves, we deserve to have some 'down time' whether that’s staying in bed a little longer, or doing something more dynamic. Especially as business owners, our work can feel 24/7 and if we’re running a home too, it’s tough, don’t you think?

For myself, it became very clear that relaxation was a huge feature in my needs, I didn’t class myself as a priority, I put everyone and everything before me and some self-care was imperative. So, for the whole of this year, twice a month I’ve had some form of Holistic Therapy, my absolute favourites are Reflexology & Reiki. I feel rebalanced, rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to go.

And I know this is possible for you too! So what would you like to try?

What do you need to do to replace the energy you exert?

If you would like to find out more about how you too can relax and unwind in your business please contact me (Rachel) on 07546527004, email reiki2reflexology@gmail.com or visit www.randrholistictherapy.co.uk

You can also find me on Facebook www.facebook.com/randrtherapy or Instagram reflexology_rachel

Love Rachel

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