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The story behind the Design Doctor logo

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

After leaving my research position at Newcastle University to have my second child I set up Design Doctor to be closer to home for my two young children and follow my creative passions.

The name Design Doctor came straight away, the word ‘design’ is pretty self explanatory, and having a PhD I am of course a doctor. I also had a strong vision that I wanted to help people - I could see how the internet world was rapidly changing and wanted to provide a straightforward website design service to all of the small business and charities that needed to get online.

It took a few months to get to the nitty-gritty of my brand and to know exactly what I wanted Design Doctor to achieve, but soon everything clicked into place. At this point I knew I needed a really cracking logo. I also knew exactly what I wanted a logo to represent, but finding a graphic designer with the same vision as me would prove a little more difficult. I tried several options but there was always something missing with the end result. 

Then I found Paul Richards. I knew instinctively that Paul was the right person to get the Design Doctor message across. I had listened to Paul speak about his work and really appreciated his creativity and eye for perfection. So, we set out to create the new logo. Well, I say ‘we’, but I didn’t need to give him much instruction.

In reality although I know exactly what I like and dislike (being a designer myself I am intensely fussy with logo designs) the technical aspect of logo creation is just not my forte, and that’s fine, I do know what I am good at and I’m happy to work to my strengths. Paul understood the Design Doctor brand, our key values of honesty, simplicity and quality, and used this to create something that portrays the business perfectly.

So, the new Design Doctor logo has arrived and it is everything that I wanted and more. The lesson here is, if you want the perfect logo you need to find the perfect logo designer for the job, and if you’re fussy like me that could be a huge task. But, when I say perfect, what I mean is perfect for you and your business.

A design that will suit one business won’t necessarily suit the next and it’s about finding the perfect match. I have worked with several excellent graphic designers and each have their own strengths and specialties. If you would like to know more about how I can help you to get the logo of your dreams, then please do drop me a message, I would love to hear from you.

Because I simply love the concept behind the new logo, and I find the artistic process of good logo design absolutely fascinating, here are some details of the design process concept for your enjoyment…

Fig1: Stethoscopes are often considered a symbol of healthcare professionals, with the item regularly seen hanging around their necks. A 2012 research paper claims that the stethoscope has a highly positive impact on the perceived trustworthiness of the practitioner seen with it. (Source Wikipedia)

Fig 2: Rotating the stethoscope 90° reveals a pleasing similarity to the capital letter ‘D’ in the earpiece section. A lucky coincidence that can be explored…

Fig 3: Extending the length of the tube to envelope the earpiece has numerous benefits — it focuses attention to the earpiece in the centre and thereby highlights the inferred capital letter; creates a circle (a pure form) and is a subtle prompt to an ‘@’ symbol that are now commonly associated with email addresses, programming or micro-blogging such as Twitter IDs.

Dr Hannah Gibson

Design Doctor


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